Schools Pass the PEAS in Delhi

And it's a concept I think should really catch on and be passed from one school to the next across the planet. Consider this, schools in Delhi and across India are getting involved in that country's Programme for Environmental Awareness in Schools (PEAS), which is a nationwide network of schools that strives to teach kids about protecting the environment and motivate them into action for protecting our common future. As Sanaya Nariman, the chairperson of the Delhi chapter of PEAS points out, 'The key to environmental conservation is to make young students committed to fostering an eco-culture. Given that the commitment comes from a conviction, the best way is to integrate awareness into school education.' Now that may all sound a bit obvious to TreeHuggers everywhere, but what they're realizing across India is that we've got to sensitize students to environmental stewardship across every discipline, even languages and social sciences, rather than in just the "Environmental Science" class in high school. Unfortunately, it's painfully obvious to me that we are absolutely nowhere near that point in the US. Rather, quite often we're busy pretending that the educational curriculum in many ways has no connection with people, the environment, or the effects it has on human lives. In doing so I think we're running the risk of leaving every child behind, and not just the handful that qualify for federal distinction under the No Child Left Behind legalese. Maybe it's time for more teachers and school districts to look around the world and take a lesson from the folks in Delhi; they seem to be making the environment part of their students thinking and culture in a way that helps them make the connection between environmental viability and human success. And that's a way of thinking that's critical to the future of every child on the planet, regardless of where they live.

via::NEWSPOST India

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