Schools Made From Mud, Campers on Shopping Carts, Cool Camera Projects and More!

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LA Landscape Looks Like War-Torn Landscape: This video shows what the southern California landscape looks like after the fires. It never fails to be jarring, even though it happens every year.

DIY fisheye lens
: Check out this cool hack for turning your digital's lens into a fish eye lens.

Pop-up camper on a shopping cart
: Talk about having everything you need on wheels, in miniature. Artist Kevin Cyr is building a pop-up camper atop a shopping cart. This is a follow-up to his Camper Bike, a 3-wheeler bicycle with a truck camper on the back.

Star Wars considered as an environmental feel-good movie
: In "What If Star Wars Was Made By Environmentalists?" the movie is reimagined as "Star Non-Violent Resistance" and puts some humor into environmentalism.

Handmade mud school in Bangladesh
: This school in Bangladesh takes a great spin on beautiful hand-crafted architecture, built by people within the village, and even the kids can help out.

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