School of Week Leads Way During Great Copy Machine Epidemic of 2008


With two new confirmed cases of a strange, contagious disease striking schools across America, it’s no surprise that this week’s Go Green School of the Week is none other than the Robert Moses Middle School in North Babylon, NY. They were the first school to recognize the apparently contagious disease that’s causing school photocopiers to chew up trees at an amazing rate, and leading to global warming through the release of CO2.

Now it seems the student physicians in North Babylon are working feverishly to diagnose their machine, which first began exhibiting symptoms several weeks ago. But so far they’ve been unable to discover just what disease it is, and they’re asking schools to help solve the crisis by joining them in a national day of action to stop global warming this April 17th , shutting down their photocopy machines and putting them under quarantine to put this disease to rest.
To date there are schools from New York, Georgia, Florida, and Arkansas which have confirmed cases, and it seems there is an increased chance that students and staff will recognize the symptoms in schools where there is a high degree of environmental literacy.

So if your school photocopier is exhibiting strange, unexplainable symptoms while chewing up trees and contributing to global warming, the copy crisis team set up in North Babylon to help is asking you to visit The Great Copy Machine Epidemic website and see how you can get involved!

Via: The Copy Crisis Team

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