School Kids Face the End of Oil, Search for Solutions (Video)

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Image credit: Tom Harper

When even the IEA chief economist says no government is prepared for peak oil, we can be forgiven for getting a little nervous about the economic and environmental future of our kids. Luckily, there are plenty of kid environmentalists out there actively fighting for a cleaner future. Here's a cool little video about an exercise in which kids get to grips with our oil dependence, and what life might look like without it.

The Oil Game from Tom Harper on Vimeo.

I can, of course, already hear the cries of propaganda and brain washing coming from the anti-environmental circles. (Presumably it's OK when BP helps write schools' environmental curriculum though.) Yet what I see in this video is kids being presented with a realistic picture of the resource constraints and environmental challenges they are likely to face—and then issued a challenge to figure out what to do with it.

Granted, the idea of energy police is a scary concept—but resource depletion and climate change are scary issues. If kids really can be motivated to generate solutions now to our looming crises, we have every reason to hope that they can play a powerful, creative role in building a more robust, resilient and rewarding future for themselves—and maybe even help us oldies to abandon fossil fuels too.

The Oil Game was developed by Tom Harper of Community Solutions East in Totnes, and he is happy to run the workshop elsewhere too. His contact details are at the end of the video.

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