School District Eyes Four Day School Week in Bid to Cut Energy Costs

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In what sounds like a bright idea there’s a school district in Virginia committed to studying the idea of a 4 day school week as energy costs climb. A practice which would mean less time on the road for school buses along with lower heating bills and CO2 emissions because the schools heat supply could be shut down for a three day weekend.

Not to mention the need for one less set of school lunches to be shipped and prepared, along with one less daily commute for school personnel. All of which would most certainly cut both energy usage and CO2 as well.

But is it a genuine possibility or an implausible pipe dream?
Energy Saving Four Day School Week Has Drawbacks
Such is the question, particularly as changing a school district has, historically, been just slightly less challenging than turning a battleship for most people.

And there are plenty of reasons why the savings might not add up as well, particularly as the cost of day care for most parents would increase significantly as schools often serve a dual role for working parents in an age when two incomes is usually a necessity.

And what may be a saving to the school district on energy bills and CO2 emissions may simply be transferred to those same parents as well. With the costs of running a school system currently spread over the entire population, it’s more than possible that those same costs will simply be redistributed to those with young children who often least can afford the increase.

But perhaps our readers have a suggestion or two on how schools might make a 4 day week work in an age of climate change and rising energy costs. Anyone able to see how it might work wonders?

via: NV Daily
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