Scholastic Searches For Its Greener Side

With the Arctic warming and polar bears in peril, it’s no surprise that children’s mega-publisher Scholastic would find the story compelling enough to do a cover. And I don’t blame them a bit. But while they’ve been putting out quality materials for as long as I can remember, the truth is that few would call their operations environmentally sustainable.

And that’s why there’s a movement afoot within Scholastic to change all that…
As you might expect, paper is the most obvious place to start, and probably where they can make the biggest difference as well. Which is why they’ll be switching to FSC-Certified paper as the source for 30% of their printed materials within five years. A quarter of the paper used will also be recycled, with 75% being post-consumer waste.

To provide perspective, the company bought 95,000 tons of paper in fiscal 2007. But only 4 percent of that was FSC-certified, and 11 percent contained post-consumer waste fiber.

Company execs are quick to point out that they’ll be making changes within their buildings as well to increase energy efficiency and the like… And point to the release of the last Harry Potter book on environmentally sound paper last year as further evidence of a growing level of environmental awareness inside the company.

And why should the largest producer of children’s material in America do anything less?

via:: Greenbiz