Scary New British Report on Climate Change

A new report on the impact of climate change even has Tony Blair saying "it is now plain that the emission of greenhouse gases... is causing global warming at a rate that is unsustainable." The Environment Secretary says "The thing that is perhaps not so familiar to members of the public... is this notion that we could come to a tipping point where change could be irreversible." The report says there may be "potentially large numbers of extinctions" and "major increases in hunger and water shortage risks... particularly in developing countries". The report concludes that thngs can be done, that technologies do exist to lower emmssions and that costs are coming down, however, "The biggest problem does not seem to be the technologies or the costs, but overcoming the many political, social and behavioural barriers to implementing mitigation options" ::BBC

UPDATE: here is a link to the conclusions of the report from ::BBC "The document - released in a book, Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change - collates evidence presented by scientists at a conference hosted by the UK Meteorological Office in Exeter last February." you can link to the preliminary results from almost a year ago here. and link to Amazon here.

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