Say You Want A Revolution?


There is no more fervent believer than the recent convert to green-dom.

Here's some highlights from acolyte Thomas Friedman, as spoken/recorded at the July 2007 Aspen Ideas Festival.

"Did you ever study a revolution in history? You ever seen a revolution where nobody got hurt? That's the green revolution, nobody gets hurt - we're all winners...Exxons' green. They give $100 million to Stanford...Dick Cheyney's green. He's for liquefied coal."

" the old legacy industries, they control this story; they control that policy mechanism in Washington. They are tough, and they will fight dirty. They are not going anywhere. And that's why we are having a green party, not a green revolution. Do not kid yourself for one second."

By historic analogy, he is right: with political revolution comes extreme human pain and economic upheaval. His inference seems to be that we have to fight a political battle for the future of the earth; and, that we'll all suffer greatly regardless of outcome.

War is his climate change adaptation metaphor. Ours has been a chimp pulling termites from a mound with a stick - in a democracy.

See the video clip below, where Mr. Friedman praises the wonders of "smart" design. Bit of a shark jump.

Wishing that tent were a bit larger. What do you think: will political struggle control progress? Can the chimp live in peace?

Catch Mr Friedman on YouTube giving a history of "tree hugger" as a pejorative term here. Cute. His pitch for "smarter" design is here.

Via:: The Atlantic, October 2007, "Ideas and Consequences" Image credit:: Aspen Institute.

Say You Want A Revolution?
There is no more fervent believer than the recent convert to green-dom.