Save the Whale Week in UK

Well, we had bake sales to save them awhile back, but now they're holding Save the Whale Week in the UK . It's happening all this week, and being sponsored by the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. They're asking kids and adults to get involved to raise funds using their own ideas, and they've come up with some intriguing tactics too... One of my personal favorites is where members of the Dorchester Prep School have enlisted other students to help "sponsor" the school manager for 3 hours of silence! Let's face it, that's tough to do for anyone... But the manager of a school? And if indeed she fails to pull it off she winds up forfeiting the 20 pounds that could go to save the whales. Other fundraising events happening include a local cafe that's sponsoring reggae night for a 5 pound donation, and a fancy-dress walk with a marine-themed twist to it... I admit to confusion at first, as fine clothing and long walks don't often go well together, but it turns out the sponsor of the event will be making the journey in a wetsuit, snorkel, diving mask and boots. That should be fun to watch, but in the event that you can't make it or just don't live in the UK, feel free to head on over and make a donation anyway. It's a great way to help save a great part of the world's oceans.

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