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Save the Planet and Win is a new website which launched last Friday. It is basically a social network, environmental website, and "Price is Right" all in one. You can participate in this worldwide collective in a variety of ways.

You can get involved in their free environmental promotions, win prizes/points/money, offer tips and videos to others on how they can make small changes in their lifestyle to reduce their carbon footprint. Then you can discuss these ideas with like-minded folks across the world, and oh yeah, did I mention... save the planet while you're at it!

How could you possibly save the world by watching videos of promotions and winning prizes? Well let me tell you...The idea behind this new website is to allow its members to view marketing promotions over the Internet, then for each promotion you sit through, you will earn points. These points can be exchanged for a social cause of your choice, such as reforestation projects or the AIDS Vaccine Initiative). If you are in it for a different sort of green, you can also cash-in points for actual dollars.

Here's how it all works
Once you sign up on the site you become a member. From here you are given the option to either calculate, monitor, or reduce your carbon footprint by participating in social marketing promotions as well as purchasing verified carbon offsets from the Carbon Offset Store.

The way you reduce your footprint is through various Save the Planet sponsors which will conduct weekly sweepstakes in which members are given the opportunity to watch what is considered a 30 second green ad, and in return for your time spent, the sponsor will make a points donation to your account.

To reduce your footprint in other ways, the websites has a "Carbon Collective", which allows its members to create and join networks to track total carbon reductions achieved by the overall collective, as well as share and discuss various local, national, and international community issues.

"We know that global climate change is having and will have an enormous impact on the earth — from rising sea levels, flooding, and increased storm activity to a rise in diseases like malaria and major changes in ecosystems and habitats. However, at an individual level, the concept of combating this trend can seem quite overwhelming," says Luis Daniel Prestamo, COO at Save the Planet and Win. "Save the Planet and Win makes the important work of fighting global warming, such as reducing greenhouse emissions and investing green projects, more understandable and personal for each of us. The website uses the power of community to help encourage everyone to make seemingly small changes in their daily lives that can have a big impact on the earth. By sharing our green accomplishments, we can increase environmental awareness, inspire others to make a difference, and become inspired ourselves."

What's the catch?
Well, we don't know if there is one or not, but there has been some talk since its release that the site may possibly be just a cleaver marketing gimmick hiding behind a vast sea of green propaganda. We all know that what makes the world go around is money and not many charities or green initiatives survive unless they make at least somebody a little money in the process. But does that make it right?

Now it's your turn Treehuggers to voice your opinion of this new website. Is this an honorable "save the planet" program in your opinion, or just another way to market more junk to us through a pair of forest green colored glasses?

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