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I already got excited about the Off-On program's efforts to turn energy savings in England into money for solar in Africa, and posted a video on how turning out lights in London raised money for solar in Kenya. In many ways it is a dynamite concept—motivating employees to save more energy by offering specific, positive feedback loops that they can see having an effect. Now a new company is exploring a similar idea, creating a complete, online system for recording emissions reductions at work and funneling some of the money saved into important community projects. Created by eco-marketing expert John Grant, author of The Green Marketing Manifesto ad Co-Opportunity, and his former colleague Robert Colwell, Ecoinomy—which was officially launched this week—has created a Facebook-like website called the Eco.System.

It claims to offer companies an effective way to motivate employees, bring them together for common goals, save money, and raise cash for worth causes in the process. It's a concept they call "Fundsaving". And, they claim, it could have a dramatic impact on workplace performance too:

"As a recent survey observed, a highly motivated workforce is 84% more productive than one that isn't. Imagine that translated into profits. What a happy manager that would make you, especially as Ecoinomy and our eco.system will also lift an astonishing amount of responsibility from your shoulders."

The idea seems to be taking off. Deborah Meaden of the BBC's Dragon's Den has both invested her own money, and joined the company as Chairman. Should be one to watch out for.

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