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If you live in Estonia, you can soon save your money at the Bank of Happiness. What a wonderful name for a place that doesn't exist. It is an idea, not a building.

It's a virtual bank that will trade good deeds. A form of swapping of skills, a Craig's list for free. "Clients" register online, listing the things that they can do. The "bank" links them up via the net. But it's really a social philosophy; a new model for society and a way to encourage trust and ethics amongst countrymen.

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One of the creators says "We call it a bank because we want to bring forth a new set of values. At the moment we are glued to other people only through money. But that's not how we evolved as a society. We used to work as a team."

Their goal is to make a million good deeds during one year. "A million small problems should be solved and million people should therefore get to know each other through positive experience." It's a philosophy, creating altruism through out the country. The feeling of goodness is its own reward.

Thank notes will be issued. It will be inscribed with the date and nature of the deed. They are exchangeable and can be passed on to another as currency.

There is still much to be done in its creation. The IT side of the bank, co-ordinating the good deeds, must be worked out. As well, many participants and organisations must be lined up.

There is no quantifying of the nature of the deed, the system guides and regulates itself. The measurement of success will be the number of people using it, the number of thank notes issued, and the number of good deeds done.

But the success is also immeasurable. As they say "Performed deeds that inspire or create the feeling of gladness or happiness. All this is priceless." Bank of Happiness Via : The Times

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