Save Cash and Save the Planet: A Timely Guide from Friends of the Earth UK

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Living Green Can Mean Living Frugal
While TreeHugger has from time-to-time received flack for featuring high-end eco furniture and ludicrously expensive green cars, we do also try to get across that living green does not have to mean spending big bucks. From Lloyd’s tips on a recession-ready lifestyle to Mark’s 66 ways to save on gas, the truth is that sustainability is often about living smarter and using less stuff – both of which should ultimately be money savers. So it’s good to see UK Friends of the Earth embracing this concept with their publication Save Cash and Save the Planet. The blurb promises to save the reader hundreds, or even thousands, and covers everything from DIY energy efficiency improvements to getting organic vegetables on a budget. FOE UK’s "Living" website features a few small tasters from the book, including this list of zero-cost energy saving techniques or this introduction to the benefits of car-sharing. It’s interesting to note that the publication was actually launched way back in 2005, but the rganization seems to think the time is right for promoting it heavily on their website. A sign of the times?

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