Save 522 Million Gallons of Gas Sitting in your Car

The U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory studied the effect of ventilating car seats and found that drivers felt cooler and turned down their air conditioning."If all passenger vehicles had ventilated seats, we estimate that there could be a 7.5 percent reduction in national air-conditioning fuel use. That translates to a savings of 522 million gallons of fuel a year," said John Rugh, project leader for NREL's Vehicle Ancillary Loads Reduction Project. Just by sucking air through the seat. We love the idea that such simple ideas can make such a huge difference. Of course if you want the benefit of this now, you have to buy a Caddilac STS with a $10,000 luxury package, whose owners are renowned for their concern about energy conservation. ::NREL via ::New York Times