Sarkozy Backs Down, France's Carbon Tax Plan is Stillborn

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A Politician Breaking an Electoral Promise? Nooo!
The plan for a French carbon tax has been in trouble for month, but now it's official. Nicolas Sarkozy's UMP party has announced that it was dropping the plan because "the tax would put French companies at a disadvantage to their European neighbors" and that the C-tax "would be Europe-wide or not (exist) at all".
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Many political observers think that recent electoral troubles for Sarkozy's party are responsible for the reversal.

if the plan had been approved, France would have been the largest country with a carbon tax.

Other European countries -- notably Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and Finland -- have already implemented carbon taxes, but other countries, including Germany and the Netherlands, would probably be reluctant to go along. Britain and Poland are generally opposed to any tax harmonization at the European level. (source)

Maybe the project will resurface after the election and when the global economy is more solid?

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