Santa Barbara County Reverses Position, (Again) Opposes Offshore Oil Drilling

santa barbara beach photo

photo: Davide Restivo via flickr

Santa Barbara County has reversed its support for offshore oil drilling. By a 3-2 vote the County Board of Supervisors has passed a resolution opposing offshore oil exploration in the County:The resolution will be passed onto to President Obama and Governor Schwarzenegger, and has been timed to coincide with Department of Interior hearings on the offshore oil and gas exploration leasing. However since the Board lacks any authority to actually prevent or authorize drilling, the move is entirely symbolic. But don't underestimate the power of symbolism. It was an accident at an offshore drilling platform in 1969 that killed thousands of birds, coated miles of beaches in oil and helped usher in the (now defunct) moratorium on offshore oil drilling.

The previous resolution in support of offshore oil drilling was passed last summer, when fuel price rises seemed endless. Since then a board member who was in support of offshore oil drilling left the board, allowing the resolution to pass.

via: AP/Yahoo News
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