San Francisco's Green Real Estate Firm


Many of us who are passionate about sustainability and environmental restoration would love to live our values by purchasing a green home. Fortunately, the availability of green housing in the US is on the rise, but we may have trouble finding a real estate agent who "gets it" as well as we Treehuggers do. In San Francisco, though, where many things cool and green seem to germinate, home buyers now have the option of working with a Realtor that focuses on "incorporating environmentally responsible and socially just principles and practices into all aspects of our business": Green Key Real Estate. Chris Bartle, founder of green business brokerage The Evergreen Group, started Green Key to empower green-minded home buyers, and connect them with service providers and products that share these consumers' values. "San Franciscans have always been concerned about how their lives align with core values of sustainability," said Bartle. "From food to transportation to investing, they're choosing products and services that both meet their needs and fit with their green agendas. Selecting a real estate firm that conducts its operations in an environmentally and socially responsible manner is a logical extension of these values."The company expresses its mission in a set of statements we might call the three Es:

* Empower: Green-minded buyers to buy property in San Francisco
* Enrich: Green-minded sellers by getting the most for their property and selling to like minded buyers.
* Educate: All buyers and sellers of real estate about green building and remodeling practices.

The company's web site also details a variety of green business practices they employ, including minimizing paper usage, recycling and composting, beginning construction of a database of San Francisco's green properties, and purchasing wind power for 100% of the office's electricity needs. They've been certified as both a Green Business by the Bay Area Green Business Program, and an Ecobroker by EcoBroker International.

We're excited to see such a service being offered in the Bay Area, and hope the concept catches on around the country as a way to both increase the demand for green real estate, and to educate consumers about the financial and environmental advantages of buying a green home. :: Green Key Real Estate

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