San Francisco Mayor Orders Departments to Include Carbon Offsets in Travel Budgets

san francisco airport photo

photo: Mike Fernwood via flickr

San Francisco probably tops many people's lists of cities with a high level of green awareness. Here's another reason to think that: Mayor Gavin Newsom has not only ordered city departments to declare how much money they spend on air travel, but to pay 13% of their air travel costs into a carbon-offset fund to pay for local emission reduction projects:The San Francisco Examiner reports that it is unknown how much money the 13% carbon payment plan would generate, as up until now airfares were not itemized in city department's travel budgets, instead being lumped in with hotel and per diem costs.

Due to a $460 million budget deficit, city departments have also been asked to cut their proposed budgets by 25%. Mayor Newsom's spokesperson said that because of this, departments are expected to budget only for travel that is absolutely necessary and "If the 13% charge causes departments to reconsider and reduce air travel expenses, all the better."

via: SF Examiner, Environmental Leader
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