San Francisco Mayor Challenges Business to Install Solar

This week, San Francisco's Mayor Gavin Newsom challenged the city's commercial sector to install solar. He offered businesses membership into the Mayor's Solar Founders' Circle as an incentive. More below the fold.Over the next few weeks, Newsom will invite the city's 1,500 biggest business to join his solar club. Members will receive free solar and energy efficiency audits. The Mayor hopes that with these audits commercial solar installations will get a jump start.

Newsom said if these business install 5 megawatts each of solar, the city will produce 30 times more sun power than it already does. This power will be enough to run about 42,000 San Francisco homes. Any businesses that install their solar in the next year will be invited into the Mayor's club.

In a recent press release Newsom referred the success the city's solar rebate initiative GoSolarSF has had as an indicator of the Solar Founders' Circle's potential success,

Today, we have proof that if you give people the incentives to install solar panels on their home or business, they will do it. And not only does this mean we're sending energy back into the grid, it means we're also creating the green collar jobs that this country desperately needs to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil.

Many local installers are now hiring graduates of green workforce development programs. When a team with green collar grad installs solar, a $6,000 rebate can be offered to the homeowner. It's a win-win situation for everyone: installers can market their work at a discounted price and homeowners can pay less for their solar, all while supporting a green collar workforce. Looks like San Francisco is making another move to invest in a green economy.

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