San Francisco May Charge Drivers for Hitting the Streets

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Photo Credit: Paul Chinn, The Chronicle
City May Be the First in the US to Charge Drivers a Toll for Choosing Cars
Next Tuesday, San Francisco's Board of Supervisors will review plans to charge drivers on the city's roads to ease congestion and encourage car-free transportation. More on the emissions reducing tolls below the fold.According to the SF Chronicle, a top city official said this week the plan to charge drivers who hit the city's roads is "totally doable." Schemes that will be presented at Tuesday's meeting include charging drivers at major bridges that enter the city and also upon entry into high traffic job zones like Downtown.

With a tough economy still keeping wallets less than full, the plans include waiving the tolls for low income and disabled drivers. The city hopes charging drivers a fee will keep them off the roads and on public transportation and their bikes. Ideally the toll money collected will go to pedestrian and bike projects and improvements to the city's public transit system. The model would be similar to those in London and Singapore. Though New York talked about implementing a similar toll system, the idea has yet to successfully pass through the legislative process.

The city is also implementing meter changes: fees will adjust to spot availability to prevent drivers from creating significant carbon footprints while looking for parking.

Via: The San Francisco Chronicle
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