San Francisco Gets World's First In-Airport Carbon Offset Kiosks

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Whether carbon offsets are more buying indulgences for your eco-sins or a viable way of addressing environmental impact of flying is a perennial hot-button topic, and this next bit of news is likely to just to stir the discussion: Over at CleanTechnica San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom touts a world's first for the San Francisco International Airport -- the first in-airport kiosks where you can buy carbon offsets:Part of Funds Go to Help Local Carbon Reduction Efforts
Mayor Newsom says that the city did extensive research to ensure that projects funded by the offsets result in "real, quantifiable, permanent greenhouse gas emissions reductions." In addition, part of the sales will go towards the San Francisco Carbon Fund, to help finance local carbon reduction projects.

The offsets for Climate Passport customers, supplied by San Francisco based carbon firm 3Degrees, are currently sourced from the Garcia River Forest, a conservation-based forest management project located in Mendocino County, California. Formerly a heavily cut forest, this project is helping bring back Redwood and Douglas fir trees to the Garcia River Forest. As a result, huge amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) are absorbed and stored, and native habitats are restored and protected. Offsets from the Garcia River Forest Project are third-party verified against the Climate Action Reserve's rigorous, transparent and comprehensive forestry protocol.

Personally, while carbon offsets may not be an ideal solution in the long-term, nor a substitute for developing ways to avoid the carbon emissions being offset in the first place, I like the idea of having a kiosk in the airport itself. It's one more reminder that you really ought to be considering the impact of your flying and offering a convenient way to mitigate some of the environmental impact.

But what do TreeHugger readers think?

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