Samsung Unveils See-Through Solar-Powered TV

Samsung LCD TV Image

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This guest post was written by Beth Buczynski, a writer for Care2 Causes.

Compare a television from 10 years ago to the ones on the market today, and you probably wouldn't guess that they were the same type of technology.TVs have become wider, thinner, lighter, and even 3-dimensional, but thankfully advanced technology has allowed for more than just aesthetic upgrades.

Most of today's flat screen televisions are also much more energy efficient, and some, like the newest revelation from Samsung, don't run on electricity at all.

EcoGeek reports:

At the CeBIT electronics show in Germany, Samsung unveiled their latest television prototype and it's the coolest one yet. The 46-inch, 1920 x 1080 resolution LCD TV is fully solar-powered and transparent!

The prototype was designed to use only a tiny amount of energy and it gets all it needs from solar panels running off ambient light in the room -- no need for back-up power sources.

The screen is also transparent, so while you're seeing images on the screen, you're also seeing whatever is behind it. This means that it could be used in storefronts, as digital window blinds or even in car windshields.In addition to your favorite TV shows, it can also project photos or any other data and features ten-finger touchscreen technology.

See the amazing see-through TV in action below!

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