Samsung and California's PG&E; Working on 130 MW Solar Photovoltaic Deal

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Samsung is making big moves in the world of renewable energy these days. After a $6.6 billion contract with the government of Ontario for wind and solar development last month, the South-Korean mega-conglomerate is now entering a deal (pending regulatory approval) with California's Pacific Gas and Electric to build a handful of solar PV farms in the state.

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Details of the Deal
The contracts would be for 25 years of power coming from at least 4 solar farms with a capacity of 130 megawatts, with a 5th one possible. "Four of the projects are to begin generating electricity in mid-2012, with the fifth coming online in early 2013, according to a regulatory filing."

This is a bit surprising since Samsung hasn't built much solar power plants in the past. The filings point to only 3 megawatts installed by the company, though I suppose you have to start somewhere. Samsung has a lot of engineering expertise in other sectors of the energy industry, and they would be partnered with ENCO Utility Services.

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