Sales of Home Wind Turbines Strong, Despite Recession

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The idea of tacking small residential wind turbines to urban dwellings seems to have died down somewhat, not least because there were serious cultural and structural hurdles to home wind power to overcome. But, in rural areas, smaller wind turbines can be an effective and relatively economical way of generating renewable energy and ensuring against blackouts. In fact, some signs suggest that wind turbines may even invade the fringe suburbs. But how has the poor economy impacted on the growth of residential wind turbines? Hardly at all, says USA today, reporting that small-scale wind has enjoyed strong sales, despite the recession:

A growing number of people are investing in small electricity generating wind turbines for residential use, despite the bad economy, and backers of wind power say they expect advances in technology and manufacturing to make them even more popular. Nearly 10,000 units were sold nationally in 2009, the latest available data, according to the American Wind Energy Association. In 2001, only 2,100 units were sold.

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