Sailing For Cause: Marine 'Odd-Ventures'

ice cream stick viking ship

Ice cream stick replica of Viking ship. Image credit:RedOrbit recently profiled several transoceanic sailing adventures, designed to draw attention to important causes, including the ocean environment. Use of recycled materials in boat design is a popular theme. I was particularly fond of the ice-cream-sticks-glued-together Viking ship replica (pictured); but, the plastic-bottle catamaran "Plastiki" - named for the legendary Kontiki - also is pretty cool (pictured below).Last year TreeHugger Mike covered several marine odd-ventures, including The Suntory Mermaid II: A Wave-Powered Boat. The most recent of the Mermaid series was included in the Sail-World article.

But one of the oddest of the odd-venturing sail boat designs has got to be the Plastiki:

David de Rothschild, a sometime polar explorer and all-round adventurer, and one of the Rothschild banking family, is in good company as an environmentalist who makes his point dramatically with his latest sailing project.

With the help of a group of like-minded young men and women, he is constructing one of the most unusual sailing craft ever seen - a 60 ft catamaran called Plastiki made entirely of used plastic bottles. When it is finished, next month sometime, he plans to sail it across the Pacific.

plastiki transoceanic journey photo

Image credit as shown.

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