Russians Suffering Greatly From Weather Extremes

drought photo

Drought's expression. Image credit:Wired

In Russia, half this year's crops are lost to drought - "Winter wheat crops are 50% of the yield, and spring crops, in some cases, are going to be virtually none." - and hundreds of vodka pickled swimmers have drowned while seeking respite from the extreme heat. BBC has covered the impacts of extreme Russian weather extensively in the story: Russian deaths mount as heatwave and vodka mix The US media are more interested in an ineffective Rukssian spy ring being busted than in covering the pain and misery of a changing climate. How similar are Russia and the USA in their approaches to covering climate issues? This quote sounds familiar, does it not?.For example, take this quote from the UN Development Program:

"In order for the [energy] sector to develop, meet modern challenges and provide sustainable development of the country's economy, the Government policy ... aims to maximize the efficiency of energy resource utilization and the potential of the energy sector," said Minister of Energy, Sergey I. Shmatko in Russia's recently launched National Human Development Report on the energy sector and sustainable development.

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