Rush: Oil spill "solved" and "God and the ocean can handle the dispersants"


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Have you heard of the Gulf oil spill, the one BP was behind that dumped somewhere in the neighborhood of five million barrels of oil into the ocean? I know it seems bad, but Rush Limbaugh went on the radio today to tell his followers, er, listeners that the spill is nothing to worry about. In fact, Rush says, no one can find the oil and God has fixed the situation. Problem solved. Whew!

In fact, all of the hubbub about the spill was just a government-created ruse, designed, like the Federal stimulus, to scare people. The oil is "next to 3.5 millon jobs Obama created." Classy, Rush, classy.

He went on: "It's not that much oil compared to the water volume in the Gulf. There is no oil. The leak has been stopped. Problem solved. So what does Congress do? Congress questions BP's use of dispersants in the Gulf."

Yes, Rush, it's true. Congress and the EPA are investigating BP, you know, the company behind all of this? It seems Limbaugh wants no regulation or accountability for BP. Instead, according to his logic, they should be allowed to operate no questions asked. Another spill is no big deal. The Big Guy upstairs has our back.

Meanwhile, back in reality, a new federal estimate put the spill as the largest in history. From the NY Times:

Nearly five million barrels of oil have gushed from BP's well since the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded on April 20, according to the latest data. That amount outstrips the estimated 3.3 million barrels spilled into the Bay of Campeche by the Mexican rig Ixtoc I in 1979, previously believed to be the world's largest accidental release.

The BP spill was already thought to be the largest spill in American waters, but it was unclear whether it had eclipsed Ixtoc.

"We've never had a spill of this magnitude in the deep ocean," said Ian R. MacDonald, a professor of oceanography at Florida State University.

"These things reverberate through the ecosystem," he said. "It is an ecological echo chamber, and I think we'll be hearing the echoes of this, ecologically, for the rest of my life."

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