Rush Limbaugh Celebrates Earth Day — By Saluting Coal and Overconsumption

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Rush Limbaugh—a man about as far from an environmentalist hero as could possibly be imagined—nonetheless set out to celebrate Earth Day on his radio show today. Of course, he did so by extolling the virtues of coal, plastic bags, and overconsumption. He began by saluting the "pioneers who have contributed to the well-being of the planet," according to the CS Monitor. And who might those be? Topping the list was Gordon Dancy. And what great environmental contribution? I'd best let Rush explain:

"He invented the first high-density plastic grocery bag, which can handle up to 40 pounds of stuff. That singular invention has benefited our daily life on earth in multitudinous ways."

Indeed. How forward-thinking of you, Mr. Limbaugh—paying respects to overconsumption at this most prosperous of times. And whom else, pray tell, should be recognized on this day where we seek to move the earth towards a more sustainable future? What's that--the coal industry?
"Their efforts grew into an industry that fuels America's energy needs. To the coal miners of America, past and present: Happy Earf [sic] Day."

Of course, he's attempting to be satirical (and I assume he meant to say "Earth" Day), but his attempted barbs are putting him more and more in line with the likes of laughable relics like Patrick McHenry, who feels that riding a bike is a "ridiculous" 19th Century pastime.

What does Limbaugh have against Earth Day, anyways?

"Normally, those of us with sanity sit Earth Day out, while schools frighten kids with apocalyptic tales of the earth being destroyed, because we enjoy a high standard of living."

Ah--it's that "awareness" thing.

As the de facto "head of the Republican Party", ol' Limbaugh certainly isn't doing the GOP any favors. Even though some other visible GOPers are way behind the times on Republican Leader Michael Steele is a Climate Change Denier">issues like climate change, there are plenty of greener Republicans that get overshadowed by such unproductive antics.

But such short-sighted remarks actually do favors to the green movement—as more and more mainstream Americans recognize the importance of environmental issues, the more embarrassingly off base Mr. Limbaugh's insults sound. Instead of people nodding or raising their fists and proclaiming "Yeah! Let's keep buyin' stuff and polluting!" (an especially absurd sentiment in the midst of this recession) along with Limbaugh, more and more are apt to be put off by his backwards buffoonery.

Granted, there are still millions of Americans that prescribe to his ideas—put the longer he clings to his sinking ship, the faster that number will dwindle.

Happy Earf Day, Rush.

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