Rural North Carolinians Adapting To Landfill Plastic Bottle Ban

plastic bottles photo

Image credit:Concord, North Carolina

North Carolina now bans the landfilling of plastic bottles of all types - more information here - and this has become a practical issue in rural towns where curbside recycling is not offered. Winston-Salem Journal reports on how the problem was solved in one County. The president of Rural Garbage Services Inc. offered to pick them up for free: "In order to recycle their plastics, people in those areas would have to take them to one of the county's three recycling centers...Parrish came up with a solution for his customers: His company would pick up the bottles from its customers for free." Nice guy.

Although people could just hide the bottles in their trash, the law does seem to be having a positive effect.

More plastic bottles have been dropped off at the county's three centers since the landfill bottle ban was imposed, according to the City-County Utilities Division. From a monthly average of around 14,000 pounds of plastic for the period from September 2008 to September 2009, collections have risen to an average of about 19,000 a month for the first three months since the ban went into effect.
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