Running for Good Green Journalism

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It's pretty typical for folks running marathons to raise money for health-related causes like cancer, heart disease and such. And it makes sense. But Erik Blachford over at Terrapass has something different in mind. He's running the Boston Marathon in aid of good, green journalism. Specifically, he's raising money for our friends over at Grist. (Maybe they'll no longer have to hold their own staff captive to raise money.) Here's why Erik is doing it:

Journalism is a discipline under threat, and environmental reporters are hard to find even at the best-funded of our national media outlets. I think it's vitally important to help organizations like Grist act as (in their slogan's words) "A Beacon In The Smog." A 501c3 non-profit, Grist is on a mission to shine a light on the environment, through an appealing lens of good humor.

Head on over to Terrapass to find out how you can help Erik support Grist.

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