Rumor: Tesla May Be Strapped for Cash

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According to a tipster, who told another Tipster, who heard it from their cousin, who overheard it from their dentist, who has a patient who talked to the ghost of Elvis... Okay, truth be told, we heard it from Left Lane News who has their own source at Tesla, who dropped the bomb several hours ago that the Tesla Corporation currently has about $9 million left in their bank account.This would account for the recent news about layoffs and the delays in the production of the Model S. This is shocking, considering that they have already taken orders on some 1,200 roadster Tesla's at over $100,000 a pop, and only 50 happy customers have walked away with a completed vehicle to show for it.

This is not to scare any of you away from taking out that fourth mortgage on your home to put a down payment on one, but you may want to wait a few week for the rumors to settle and the truth to surface. Could this mean the end of Tesla if this news is true?

Well, not likely, the company has already received quite a bit of positive attention and praise over the past year. Treehugger alone has accounted for quite a bit of that praise. Most likely Tesla will be able to find investors to offer more funding to get them out from under their current hole they have found themselves in.

It won't be easy with the economy the way it is, but where there's a will, there's a way... and Tesla has already shown plenty of will, seeing they have made it this far as an independent floating amidst the Big Three Sea (a.k.a. General Motors, Ford, Daimler/Chrysler).

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