Rubber Stamping is Out: Energy Star to Close a Giant Loophole


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Trust Needs to be Earned
No doubt in reaction to the Government Accountability Office's public report about how easy it is to get fake products and companies approved by Energy Star (they got certification for a gas-powered alarm clock and many other fake products), Energy Star has decided to close some loopholes and tighten things up a bit. But will it be enough?

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So What's New?
Self-certification is out (about time), but we're not yet at the point where every product will be tested by Energy Star people directly. It understandable because that would be a big bottleneck... Instead: "Effective immediately, manufacturers wishing to qualify their products as Energy Star must submit complete lab reports and results for review and approval by EPA prior to labeling." The agency is also ditching an automated approval process.

This should make Consumer Reports happy. They've been criticizing Energy Star on that point for years.

This could indirectly improve the energy efficiency of products by providing a real incentive for efficient products (instead of those that merely claim to be but have never been properly tested).

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