Royal Wedding Gift List Includes Green Charities

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The gift list for the Royal Wedding has been announced. It's for the pleb's who feel they want to send Wills and Kate, oops Catharine, a present but don't know what to pick.

It's sensible, otherwise the couple might have ended up with a set of these Chinese mugs with the wrong prince on them. Instead they have chosen 26 charities that reflect issues in which they have been particularly interested. Many have been picked because of their unsung work but all will be delighted to benefit from this unexpected wedding bonanza.

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The 26 charities are based in Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. They are focused on 5 causes that are important to the couple. These are: conservation for the future, support for armed service men, art and sport, children and help at home.

The Zoological Society of London, which runs the London Zoo is on the list. Their received donations will support conservation work for tigers in Sumatra, rhinos in Kenya and elephants in Thailand. Earthwatch undertakes hands-on environmental research and works towards a sustainable future.

Greenhouse School works with young people in London's disadvantaged communities to realise their potential through sport and dance programmes. Ocean Youth Trust UK works with troubled young people by giving them the challenge of adventure under sail.

Many of the other charities on the list feature work with children, bereaved families and inner city youth.

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Given the British sense of humour and general irreverence; the souvenir list is a lot more fun. This series of plates includes 5 others which say "Thanks for the free day off", "It should have been me" and "Will 4 Kate 4 Eva."

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And for the knitters, the official (!) book of knitting... The book 'Knit Your own Royal Wedding' by Fiona Goble has patterns for all your favourite characters in this soap opera, oops, procession. Her 64-page manual has patterns for knitting your own Royal family, complete with the Queen's corgi dog, the Queen herself, Prince Philip and several different figures of the royal couple.

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