Rooftop Supermarket Garden Delivers Zero Food Miles Produce (Video)

rooftop supermarket garden photo

Image credit: Take Part

When I last wrote about Food From the Sky's rooftop supermarket garden, they had just picked up an award for their zero food miles produce. It seems the project is still going strong, and I've just come across a great video about how this urban mini-farm is organized to provide the freshest, most local produce possible.

Food from the Sky from TakePart on Vimeo.

While there are those who argue that high-tech vertical farms are pie-in-the-sky, it's hard to argue with the notion that flat, accessible roof space could easily be utilized to grow high-value crops that might otherwise be trucked in from miles around.

As noted in the video, this isn't just about emissions or oil use either. By growing food right where it is purchased, projects like this help to develop diverse, economically vibrant neighborhoods and opportunities for income, training and engagement in inner city areas. Given the nihilism of recent London riots, that can only be a good thing.

While the pros and cons of supermarkets may continue to be a hotly debated topic among environmentalists, between their support of Food From The Sky and their sponsorship of the recent mock ecocide trial, Budgens have gone up considerably in my estimations.

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