RONA Gets on the Chair - the LCA Chair


Image credit: The Gazette (Montreal) 2007

RONA, the Canadian version of Home Depot, made an announcement this month that they are pairing up with the International Life Cycle Assessment Research Chair in Montreal. This means more integration of life cycle assessment (LCA) into the store’s policy, products and suppliers. It looks like they are trying to follow the lead of their American counterpart.

The highlights released for RONA's initiatives are that they will be selling eco-products, launching their own eco-brand (for Spring 2008), creating an executive position to address sustainable development within the Company and partnering with the International Industrial Chair in LCA. This sounds promising - let's hope they can really, truly create some green how-to people. Let's keep our eye on RONA and this voluntary initiative. From the release:

RONA's association with the International Life Cycle Assessment Research Chair will lead to the development of specifications that will allow the Company to apply selection criteria for eco-responsible items found in every category of products available in RONA stores. RONA's eco-responsibility strategy will also involve its suppliers by evaluating and upgrading the life cycle profiles of their products, including reduction of wasteful packaging and use of raw materials.
"By working with the Life Cycle Assessment Chair, RONA is showing itself to be proactive and prepared to go beyond current environmental regulations. Life cycle assessment will allow them to stimulate and support their voluntary approach in favour of sustainable manufacturing and consumption," said co-chairholder Rejean Samson.

This is an interesting partnership that could lead to great things for the "Canadian How-to People". Let's keep watching to see if that announcement turns into some action. This is a step in the right direction for a big store like RONA. But don't get us wrong, this is not meant to ignore our favourite local small-marts.

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