Roll Up Your Sleeves and Give Something Back This Weekend

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Volunteer litter cleanup. Image credit:David Wasserman, courtesy Sierra Club

I'm not naive enough to think that the environmental community will always agree the Obama administration. But I do think the tenor of our work will change fairly dramatically in the coming years. Dealing with the Bush camp for nearly a decade made me feel like Sisyphus, that Greek king who spent eternity pushing a rock uphill, only to see it roll down again. I'm weary of pushing rocks uphill. The future is looking more like level ground to me.That means that instead of fighting harmful initiatives, we're going to be spending our time and resources putting positive changes into place.

And what better way to launch that effort than to pledge our participation in the National Day of Service that President-elect Obama has asked everyone to be part of on Monday, January 19 -- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. (Some events are also being held over the weekend.) Let's welcome our bold new leader into the White House by rolling up our sleeves and doing something positive. Something that contributes to the good of our communities. Something that brings us together.

You can find a database of more than 9,000 events happening all around the country on the website. Just enter your zip code and away you go.

The Sierra Club is answering Obama's call to organize events. All across America, we've got folks cleaning up creeks, clearing invasive plant species, handing out compact fluorescent lightbulbs, planting trees, organizing mercury hair testing events, and other activities. When you get your zip-code-search results on the site, you can filter the events by categories like blood drives, food banks, and clean-ups. Choose "environment" or "clean-ups" and see if the Sierra Club has something going on in your neighborhood. I can't list all of our events, but here's a quick sampling:

-- If you live near Chico, California, you can choose among several project depending on whether you want to remove invasive plant species, restore a trail, plant a native species garden, or clean up a bike path.

-- Folks in and around Clawson, Michigan can have a small hair sample taken and tested for mercury, then kick back enjoy a screening of "A Civil Action" or "Erin Brokovich."

--Get trained and help weatherize a senior living facility in Omaha, Nebraska.

While we're on the subject of change in the White House and lending a helping hand, check out our new video of Pierce Brosnan and other celebrities congratulating Obama and offering their assistance in creating a sustainable future for us all. After you watch the video you can post your own comments.

Now roll up your's time to make a difference.

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