Rodale: Helping To Make The World A Healthier Place

There are currently a decent number of independent magazines, websites, podcasts and tv productions helping to branch out the big green dream. However, we wanted to find which of the numerous media companies out there are communicating the message through multiple mediums simultaneously. Not long ago we highlighted how the Environmental Media Association has been doing their part to spread eco-consciousness. Continuing on with our green media highlights, we present Rodale.

Rodale Magazines
Alongside other major international magazine publishers such as Conde Nast, Fairchild Pub and Hearst, Rodale is a family owned company and the only one that focuses on healthy, active living. In their own words: "Rodale has built a special bond with consumers by providing the information and inspiration that enables them to improve their lives and the world around them." Publishing their nine magazines (Organic Gardening and the sadly, now defunct Organic Style, as well as Men's Health, Best Life, Runner's World and Backpacker among others) in 42 countries not only gives them bigwig status in the magazine publishing world, but they also publish books with relative themes and maintain an online music store. Rodale relates that as music is often a source of inspiration, it's an essential part of health as well — because "it can move and transform people." Besides media, there is the Rodale Institute which is involved in regenerative and organic agriculture and production. The Institute also has an informational website for farmers called New Farm. ::Rodale
::Rodale Institute
::New Farm

[by Karla Calderon]