Rockefeller Center's Christmas Tree Lights Up Holiday Season With LEDs!


If there's one "must-see" attraction during Christmas in NYC it's inevitably the tree at Rockefeller Center. This year's incarnation is an 84-foot-tall Norway Spruce, and it's going to be a little bit greener than usual this year, with 30,000 multicolored LEDs strung along 5 miles of wire replacing the standard bulbs that have made its' predecessors sparkle.

The idea is not only to help utilize less energy, but also to help inspire those who make the annual trek to see it think differently about the use of energy. According to Mayor Bloomberg, the tens of millions of New Yorkers and tourists who see the tree this year will hopefully " see an example of green leadership which may inspire them to make greener choices in their own lives."
And, of course, there's a significant energy saving to be had as well. City officials estimate the switch will reduce the display's electricity consumption from 3,510 to 1,297 kilowattt hours per day. A savings equal to the amount of electricity consumed by a typical 2,000 sq. ft. house in a month.

Sounds like a "bright idea" to me!

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via:: CNN

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