Robin Hood On Wall Street: Greening The Financial Industry, Part I

We all know the legend of Robin Hood. Lives in the woods with Merry Band. Takes money from greedy sheriff and distributes to needy, etc. Seems that a bit of the original Green Man thinking has gotten past the Wall Street gates, and is moving equity earned from fossil fuel intensive industries into renewable energy IPOs, biofuel stock portfolios, and electric car manufacturing, green buildings, and more. Our sources say Robin may have gotten his start "down under", with Bendigo Bank, and then hit the San Francisco Bay USA area with New Resource Bank, followed by some LEED style "branching out" with PNC and a coach ride with Wells Fargo. After all that roaming, the Street itself beckoned. Look for tomorrow's matinée, TreeHuggers, where, as the investment climate heats up for Merrill Lynch & Co, Robin gets inside the castle walls, aided by compatriots. Bamboo Chairs and popcorn...don't forget!

Image credit:Stuff You Gotta Watch

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