Robert Redford Calls for Clean Energy Now in New PSA

"Comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation," NRDC explains, "could create 2 million jobs, cut 2 billion tons of pollution and save 2 trillion dollars." With thousands of gallons of oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico everyday, this undeniable reality has never been more obvious.Indeed, as Robert Redford explains in his video for NRDC, "the Gulf disaster is more than a terrible oil spill, it's the product of a failed energy policy."

It's time to realize, he continues, that what America needs is a responsible energy policy that values people and the environment, not one that protects the profits of oil companies.

Redford also penned an opinion piece calling for a moratorium on offshore drilling that was published in the Austin American Statesman yesterday afternoon. "What is happening in the Gulf is a national tragedy," wrote the actor, who is also trustee for the Natural Resources Defense Council. "We have the chance to make it something more. We must act and embrace needed change. The time for immediacy is now."

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