Robert Kennedy and Don Blankenship to Debate, MTR, Climate This Week

Sarah Palin once challenged Al Gore to a debate on climate change but then took her offer back. Next Monday, the world will be treated to an actual debate between another prominent climate change denier and a famous climate change activist when Waterkeeper Alliance President Robert Kennedy Jr. will square off against Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship.The event, known as the Future of Energy, will be at 6 PM on Thursday night at the University of Charleston and streamed across the globe. The main topic is likely to be mountaintop removal, which Kennedy's group is fighting to end and which Massey Energy is a strong proponent and practitioner of.

Massey has been protested by such groups as Rainforest Action Network. Last year, Dr James Hansen, NASA's top climate scientist, forcefully came out against MTR and was arrested at a coal mining site.

Blankenship is known for denying climate change and for sponsoring pro coal rallies, like the one he sponsored last year that he said costs him over $1 million dollars. The event, which featured a free concert featuring global warming deniers like Ted Nugent and Sean Hannity, who came together, unbelievably, on a mountaintop mining site to tout the virtues of coal. Verizon's CEO is offered an apology to one of the green groups that expressed outrage over the cell company's sponsorship of the pro dirty energy rally.

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