Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Colbert Report: Big Coal Destroyed Area the Size of Delaware in 10 Years (Video)

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Screengrab via Colbert Nation

Ah, mountaintop removal mining. It's perhaps the most needlessly destructive practice we've currently got going -- there's nothing quite like blowing entire mountains to bits to make getting at coal seams a little cheaper. A majority of Americans are consistently outraged by the practice, scientists say outright it should be banned, and yet it goes on -- destroying pristine mountain environments, filling streams and valleys with toxic debris, and making nearby communities sick. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has long been an anti-MTR advocate, and last night, he dropped by the Colbert Report to promote his new film "The Last Mountain".

He told Stephen that, among other things, MTR has led coal companies to obliterate an area in the Appalachian mountains equal to the size of all of Delaware. Colbert, of course, claims that mountains are a "renewable resource" because they eventually grow back. Watch:

Mountaintop removal mining is a disgrace. Kennedy seems a little put off by Colbert's shtick, but even despite the discomfort he makes for a good spokesperson for the case against MTR. The more eyeballs on the issue the better -- mountaintop removal is one case where any publicity is bad publicity. We just need more Americans to pay attention.

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