Road to Greensburg

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This Sunday July 15th, The Discovery Channel's new network - Planet Green, premieres the television docu-series 'Greensburg'.

As Sustainability Consultant for the rebuilding of Greensburg, Kansas, the folks at the Discovery Channel have asked me to blog on the town's efforts. I'll be posting on progress of the reconstruction, offering information on green building, green energy, and thoughts on how we can design and build in a way that's better for the economy and environment. "We have the technology" as the saying goes and if we're going to stop being our own worst enemies it seems pretty basic that we'll need to be building as if there really is a future. Building for the future is a big part of what green building is about and my next posts will cover that in more detail (and provide you with some links to ordinary but amazing people doing soon to be ordinary but amazing things).

Until then, see you on "Greensburg."

John Picard

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