Road to Copenhagen, Saudi Aid, & World Business Forum 2009


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Saudi Arabia Wants Aid if We Stop Using Oil - Straight out of the "You've got to be kidding me" department, Saudi Arabia has been quietly asking for financial aid should climate change legislation reduce the world's appetite for crude. Nice one guys.

Taxing Soft Drinks Could Help State Budget Woes - But are "sin taxes" like this the right thing to do? Jump into the heated debate this post set off.

Lovemarks: Real Human Connection or Latest Play in the Arms Race of Trickery? - 3p was at the World Business Forum in New York this week. Saatchi & Saatchi's Kevin Roberts had a lot to say about creating brands people truly love. Is this the key to a new era of human connectedness with companies? Or is it just creepy?

Jeffrey Sachs: US Policy-Making Is a Bipartisan Failure, Failing to Even Acknowledge Environmental Challenges - Also from WBF09 - Economist Jeffrey Sachs offered a hard hitting reality check to the world's business leaders. Did it fall on deaf ears?

Triple Pundit's Road to Copenhagen - 3p Writer Tom Schueneman is leading our coverage of the upcoming COP15 climate talks in Copenhagen. Follow along on with variety of posts and conversation for the next three months!