Road Builders Total Up Job Losses From Gas Tax Cut


The American Road & Transportation Builders Association has prepared a study of the impact on each state if the gas tax is cut for the summer. They predict that it will blow a $9 Billion hole in the transportation budget. Executive Director George Dondero says "It would deplete an already oversubscribed highway trust fund, making a bad situation worse, We're trying to get the government to generate more money for transportation, not less." Of today's primary states,Indiana would lose $183,722596 and 6,390 jobs; North Carolina $203,319,748 and 7,071 jobs. (See pdf of list here)

A candidate who does not support cutting the gas tax recently said " We are going to be having a lot of conversations this summer about gas prices. And it is a perfect time to start talk about why we don't have better rail service. We are the only advanced country in the world that doesn't have high speed rail. We just don't have it. And it works on the Northeast corridor. They would rather go from New York to Washington by train than they would by plane. It is a lot more reliable and it is a good way for us to start reducing how much gas we are using. It is a good story to tell."