Ride On: High Heels Are No Excuse


It’s no secret that TreeHuggers love bikes. However, as keen cyclists we know that there are times when the car can be a tempting alternative – whether its rain, heavy shopping, or large hills – there are plenty of excuses that we give ourselves for occasionally resorting to motorized transport. This particular TreeHugger isn’t known for wearing high heels, but if he was, he’d probably use footwear choice as a pretext from time to time. However, the ladies of Copenhagen Cycle Chic are on a mission to blow this particular excuse out of the water. The site features advice and great photos on everything from biking in skirts to cycling as a couple, and collates all of these in the name of ‘bike advocacy in high heels’:

"Social Documentary in High Heels", is one way this blog has been described. It's about bicycle culture in Copenhagen, Denmark. 35% of the population - 550,000 people - ride their bike to work or school each day. Bicycles are such an integral part of our culture and there are many aesthetic aspects on the streets at any given moment.

Perhaps we can inspire people in other countries to commute by bicycle or lobby for better bike conditions in their cities by providing a portrait of a city that lives and breathes bikes.

For more on Copenhagen’s veloculture, check out our posts on bikes overtaking cars, the pioneering City Bike program, or Copenhagen-based Christiania Bikes.

::Copenhagen Cycle Chic::via Bike Rubbish::

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