RickSycle Tandem Bike


So we looked at the weird bike thing and asked the guy in the booth "um, where are the handlebars?" and he pointed out the joystick between the two seats. And then we asked "it takes up a lot of space in the road, doesn't it?" and he pointed out that bicyclists have a legal right to occupy a lane and it is more dangerous to try and hug the curb, which is legally true, practically a little dicey in downtown Toronto, but Rick is in a small town, Kerwood Ontario, 100 miles from Detroit. The more we looked, the more we liked- unlike a conventional tandem you can comfortably talk to your partner; it has been adapted for disabled riders and seniors; it is adaptable to up to four passengers.


Here is one designed for a disabled passenger and two other riders in the rear, each independently powered. As we look for alternatives to the car, something so easy to get into, easy to ride and so stable and safe is attractive.


We suspect that up in Kerwood Rick gets more demand for his pig gates and scales than he does for his bikes but he is on to something here- Side by side comfort, stability and absolutely no fuel required other than a healthy breakfast. There is a tradition of ingenuity and invention in rural North America that rarely gets the exposure it needs- we need more Ricks and more places to show what they do. ::RickSycle found at the ::National Home Show