Rick Perry's Attack Ad: Obama & Romney are 'Carbon Copies' (Video)

There's no love lost between Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, the two supposed frontrunners in the GOP presidential primary race. Ever since Perry hurled himself upon the scene and was instantly proclaimed a serious contender by a breathless, conflict-seeking national press corps, the two men have been at each other's throats. Romney says Perry is too extreme (but also too soft on immigrants). Perry says Romney is too much like Obama. Hence, the repeated digs at 'RomneyCare' -- Perry's term for the health care system Mitt instituted in Massachusetts, and which Obama's plan was based on.

Now, Perry is attacking Romney for once supporting measures to reduce carbon emissions -- just like Obama.Also note that the ad attacks Romney for once saying "I will not create jobs or hold jobs that kill people. And that plant ... kills people" as he announced support for shutting down an old coal-fired power plant. What a liberal softy. Real Republicans create jobs, whether they kill people or not!

But there is indeed a glaring parallel between Romney and Obama -- both at one time publicly called for the implementation of a system to price carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Both have given up publicly pursuing such and aim, and prefer not to discuss it in public. And I'm fairly certain that both -- they're each intelligent men -- still understand the grave threat posed by global climate change.

But both, of course, are more concerned with upcoming electoral prospects than addressing that threat.

Hat tip to D.R. Tucker for spotting the ad.
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