Richard Branson on his Carbon War Room and $200 a Barrel Oil (Video)


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As you may know, everyone's favorite airline-owning-yet-green-leaning hotshot British entrepreneur kick-started another initiative aimed at reducing carbon emissions last year. Richard Branson's Carbon War Room was designed to connect industry leaders with scientists and sustainability consultants to help slash emissions efficiently and profitably. The famed investor spoke out about his ideas regarding climate, oil, and entrepreneurship in a brief interview with Climate Progress's Joe Romm. Video after the jump.It's interesting stuff, indeed, and the man seems to give a pretty forthright, candid interview:

Remember, this is a man who has said that "There are some of us who believe that the problem of warming is as bad as the First and Second World Wars combined. It's that serious, and you know the key is carbon, [but] there's no war room coordinating the attack on carbon." Hence, his initiative.

In continuing to blaze trails in the business sphere, Branson proves once again his efforts and ideas are an invaluable influence on the business community.

Read Climate Progress' full analysis for more on Branson's Carbon War Room.

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