Rich Must Help Poor Adapt


The UK is the biggest global contributor to 'adaption funds', but must dramatically increase the amount of money it gives to help developing countries, said Oxfam today. The charity believe that richer countries must pay to help developing countries deal with the effects of climate change. The statement comes 10 days before the G8 summit in Germany.

The entire amount of money pledged by all the world's richest countries only adds up to half of what London recently assigned to help 'climate-proof' the London Underground. Oxfam said that £25 billion is needed each year, of which G8 nations should be contributing 80%.

Celine Charveriat, head of Oxfam's Make Trade Fair campaign, said, "Developing countries cannot be expected to foot the bill for the impact of rich countries' emissions. G8 countries face two obligations as they prepare for this year's summit in Germany - to stop harming by cutting their emissions to keep global warming below 2C, and to start helping poor countries to cope by paying their share of $50bn per year in adaptation funds." :: The Guardian :: ENN

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